Vianey Rivera (Mystic Vi)  is an Empath, Psychic/ Medium, Clairvoyant, Remote Viewer, Healer, highly intuitive compassionate person who is naturally gifted and can see past, present and future with little or no information. Vianey "Vivi" will effortlessly pick up on your energy, your love one's energy and any other you'd like to inquire about with a genuine purpose. 

Vivi has assisted many in finding the answers they seek and even assisted clients in pinpointing lost family erlums with her remote viewer skills. 

As a medium, Vivi is able to make contact with specific loved ones in the spirit world and channel messages to you. 

Vivi is able to read pictures and find the truth of what you are seeking. 

She enjoys Crystal/gemstone healing. 

Vivi's natural talents are inherited from generations. 

Her father being a great mystic and walking the shamanic paths introduced Vivi to the gnostic doctrine from early age. However, her father's urge to "protect" Vivi from lower vibration entities put a pause in Vianey's abilities. Destiny and the laws of nature put a wonderful group of spiritual people in her path who helped reawaken the gifts carried in her blood. 

Being the fourth generation of mystics, Vivi has vowed to serve as a vessel for the Greater Good. 


Vivi has clients throughout the world and is very active in Latin America, Germany and Spain. She speaks English, Spanish, some French and Italian. Her affiliations include prestigious metaphysical organizations, well-renowned psychic groups, reputable psychic directories, and belongs to multiple distinguished international social groups as an Approved Reader.